List of the Best Unique Wedding Cake for Ukrainian Brides You can Ever Find and Use for Your Wedding!

Planning for your wedding soon? If that is the case, you will want to have the best cake toppers mounted to your lovely wedding cake. Hence, you will want to look for the best and most unique wedding cake toppers for Ukrainian brides you can find in the market. If you want to go for the easy way, there is a list of these cake toppers you can consider for your options. These are not only unique, but also ones that will surely suit that specific thing you love and also share with your partner. Want to know what these unique wedding cake toppers are?

Ukrainian Village, Mountains, and Embroidered shirts - Home of the Ukraine Brides

Ukrainian Village, Mountains, and Embroidered shirts - Home of the Ukraine Brides

For some time, we, Ukrainians, have forgotten who we are, where our roots come from. We almost lost our originality, almost lost our cultural heritage. But the rebirth that we have been experiencing in recent years shows that traditions are immortal. We are reborn, we find our lost consciousness.

Ukrainian village and mountains. A young Ukrainian girl who wants to be a bride, a beautiful Ukraine bride, a Ukrainian woman who had been marrying for more than ten years ago. They all are here. The real traditions of Ukraine. Originality. Uniqueness. The history of Ukrainian weddings. All these in 1 cake.

The Riding Through Nature to Wedding

Quad Wedding Cake Topper

Do you and your partner have a nice memory on riding a quad? Then, you will be able to envision both of you riding in one. Match it with a creek background where you are zooming past and it will look nicely on top of the wedding cake. Riding quad zooming through creek wedding cake toppers lets you remember that happy time zooming past the beauty of nature with your happiness further heightened since you are with your partner. This is one of the unique wedding cake toppers that show the bride and groom wearing their wedding attire. It also shows how happy the couples are with their dazzling smile, just one of the things you can share with the guests.

The Ground-Grappling Fighter Couple

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ground Fighting Grappling Cake Toppers

The cake stopper is already unique in itself, making it possible to add some fun and spunk to the celebration and the look of the wedding cake. The couples featured here are Jiu-Jitsu training. There is a story behind the design of the cake topper too. The actions involved too much rolling and other intimate moves that suggest being provocative. Hence, the couple just settled for the hand tagging gesture done in a fighting stance. Ground fighting grappling cake toppers is unique because of the idea used behind the design’s creation.

A Couple United By the Love for Football

Chile and Mexico Football Cake Toppers

A combination of two countries used in the creation of a very unique cake topper, it is what the multinational Chile and Mexico football wedding cake toppers are. In this option, the groom is on his knees introducing his bride to the world while the background shows the countries flags. The groom is also wearing the Chile home football shirt with black pants on and shoes. The bride is holding her wedding bouquet and is wearing the Mexican away football shirt while showing the flow of her wedding gown.

Take a Pic With the Duke Blue Devils!

Duke Blue Devils Cake Toppers

The couple is wearing their wedding attire in the designed figurine. In the middle of them is the Duke Blue Devil, which is where the name Duke Blue Devils cake toppers was derived. The bride is showing her long curls with the intricacy exactly created for the Ukraine bride figurine. It is one of the most unique wedding cake toppers for the fact that it is just among those that feature another person. The base is also something to consider since it is just like Duke University’s basketball court.

The Phillies and Red Sox Baseball Sox Fans

Phillies and Red Sox Cake Toppers

It is a fully customized cake topper from top to base. The bride and groom figurines are wearing their wedding attires with the base showing their names and the date when they were married. Aside from the attire, the groom also had his Phillies hat with the big red “P” on with the bride’s dress featuring that red big “B”. The bride’s hair is rightly incorporated in the design, which is on the side. The base of the Phillies and Red Sox Baseball wedding cake toppers is a home plate.

A Wedding in a Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach Toppers

Jamaica Beach toppers show a setting set in a Jamaica beach complete with the sand, ocean, a palm tree and sea shells for the base. There is a banner on the base as well showing the name of the couple and a date. The setting in which the figurine is designed is not the only thing that made it one of the wedding cake toppers, but also the dog included in it.

The Hockey Player and Housewife

Hockey Player Groom and Housewife Wedding Cake Toppers

Just reading “Hockey player groom and housewife wedding cake toppers” will already let you envision how the figurine is designed. The hockey player husband is wearing his wedding attire with matching red rose on his tux’s pocket, gloves, skates and a hockey stick. The bride from Ukraine is also wearing her wedding gown matched with a black polka-dotted apron with red lace on the edge. She is showing off her sticking-out iPod pocketed on her apron while holding a wooden spoon.

Let the Football Games Begin!

Cowboys and 49ers Cake Toppers

Just one of the unique wedding cake toppers you can include in your option, especially if you and your partner are a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers wedding cake toppers show a bride in the arms of the groom. The base is in heart shape featuring the logos of the teams and in the middle is the Vince Lombardi Trophy with a nameplate added below. The groom is in a Dallas Cowboys uniform with #3 Strong stated in the back while the bride is wearing a cheerleader’s attire with her matching pom poms in yellow.

University of Georgia and Auburn University Couple

University of Georgia and Auburn University Wedding Cake Toppers

Just like most of the unique wedding cake toppers on the list, the University of Georgia and Auburn University wedding cake toppers also has a sport-themed base. In this case, the couple figurines are standing in a football field. The groom is wearing a combination of University of Georgia’s jersey and black pants with a football in one hand. The bride had her hands wrapped on her partner’s lower arm and she is wearing Auburn University’s jersey with the #22 imprinted on it. The jersey is worn on top of her wedding dress, hence only the lower part is visible. She is holding a bouquet with white, sky blue, blue and yellow flowers. Both of them are wearing Mickey and Minnie wedding ears with a tiara and a hat at the center. It is such a fully customized cake toppers with plenty of ideas used which produced a nice incorporation of all.

The Love for Hiking

Couple on a Trail Cake Toppers

Do both of you share a love for hiking? If you do, then the bride and groom on a trail hiking wedding cake toppers is an excellent option for you. What made this included in the unique wedding cake toppers list is the setting incorporated in the design. Both of them had their wedding attire on with the bride’s hair in an updo with an orchid on the side. They are also both wearing hiking boots and a camping backpack is standing on the ground almost beside the bride. The bride is holding her bouquet and the groom has a compass on his hand. The base is designed with palmetto scrubs on both sides.

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