Complement Your Wedding with Any of These Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

In terms of weddings, designing and creating a wedding cake must be very important. It is one of the factors that should be well thought out in order to make the occasion perfect. The design can either be traditional or contemporary. In fact, sometimes you can even find some funny wedding cake toppers used in the same kind of event. Today, more and more couples are finding it interesting to complement their wedding cakes with some funny touch so as to make their events more enjoyable and at the same time, memorable. Check out these funny wedding cake toppers and see which one perfectly suits your taste and preferences.

Firefighter, Nurse and Dogs Wedding Cake Toppers

Firefighter Nurse and Dogs Cake Toppers

In this wedding topper design, not only the figurines of the groom and bride are included. It also comes with the two dogs, namely Dalilah and Chief. The groom is a firefighter, while the bride is an ER nurse. The groom wears a turnout gear, while the bride in her typical nurse outfit. The couple holds the leash of the two dogs in each one’s hand. This can be one of the best firefighter, nurse and dogs wedding cake toppers. Furthermore, the background for this topper is made to have the nice Barcelona beach.

Cheerleader Bride and Groom Playing Guitar Wedding Cake Toppers

Cheerleader Guitar Player Cake Toppers

A cheerleader bride and guitar player groom can be an exciting combination, especially when you will use the idea on a wedding cake topper. In this wedding topper design, the groom is wearing a ripped tuxedo in black, playing guitar. He also has some tattoos on the arms. The circular, smaller tattoo is located on the left arm, while there’s a detailed tattoo on the right. The bride wears a strapless wedding dress in white, while holding white, silver, and blue pompoms. This Cheerleader Bride and Groom Playing Guitar Wedding Cake Toppers becomes an ideal cake topper for a guitar player and cheerleader.

San Francisco Giants Baseball Wedding Cake Toppers with Dogs

Giants Cake Toppers with Dogs

This wedding cake topper should be very attractive having the groom and bride holding each others’ hands while smiling. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers in her other hand. Flowers are orange, ivory, purple roses. She wears an ivory wedding dress with gold embellishment around the bodice and hem along with the San Francisco Giants Sunday cap. The groom is holding the dogs with gold leashes on the front and right. He wears a San Francisco Giants cap having a black bill and black shoes and slacks with the Home Jersey of SF Giants. San Francisco Giants Baseball Wedding Cake Toppers with Dogs can be an interesting choice for couples.

Mountain Climbing Cake Toppers

Mountain Climbing Cake Toppers

With this wedding cake topper, the couple plans to get married at the Mountain of Preikestolen, Norway. Mountain Climbing Cake Toppers have the groom and bride figurines wearing black t-shirt, black pants and dark-grey mountain shoes while standing on the mountain-shaped base. The bride wears a crown for the top image with the white long veil with loose-styled hair beneath the veil. This is an ideal wedding topper for mountain climbers.

Star War Theme Darth Vader Cake Toppers

Darth Vader Cake Toppers

The Star War Theme Darth Vader Cake Toppers have the bride in a wedding dress, with loose hair having a lot of curls along with the sparkly head band. The groom is in the suit of Darth Vader with the mask or helmet beneath his arm similar to Sandtrooper Cake Topper. The figurines’ pose includes standing in the fighting stance, while each of them holds a light saber with the light sabers crossed in between them.

Golf and Volleyball Wedding Cake Toppers

Golf and Volleyball Cake Toppers

For sports lover couples, golf and volleyball wedding cake toppers should be an excellent pick. In this topper, the groom is in tuxedo, while the bride is in a wedding dress. The wedding dress is a Maggie Sottero, while the tuxedo is a typical one with a white bow tie and white vest. For some sporty touch, the bride holds a golf club in the left hand, while the groom holds the volleyball on the right side of his waist. The sports equipment they hold is placed outside the figurine. Behind the bride is a tiny golf hole complemented with the flag, while a tiny volleyball net on the groom’s right side.

Groom Playing Golf Shot with Indian Bride Cake Toppers

Groom Playing Golf Shot Cake Toppers

Having a golf-enthusiast groom can be quite interesting for a bride. In this wedding cake topper, the groom is seen to be fairly golf mad, as he is displayed like the groom plays a golf shot within a golf attire, while the bride in Red Indian dress having her hands on the hips. Both figures stand on the grass base having the golf balls spread on their feet, while a hole with a red flag within it. This makes the groom playing golf shot with Indian bride cake toppers a perfect choice.

Cincinnati Reds Cake Toppers

Cincinnati Reds Cake Toppers

This is wedding topper in Cincinnati Reds theme. The groom wears a cap backwards along with the Cincinnati Reds uniform. He holds a baseball bat on the slightly bent right hand. The bride wears a wedding dress while holding the baseball. It also features the Cincinnati mascot that stands on the bride’s side. Cincinnati Reds Cake Toppers becomes an excellent choice for those baseball enthusiasts.

Train Station Cake Toppers

Train Station Wedding Cake Toppers

While the couple met at Princeton Junction Train Station, it inspires the creation of train station cake toppers. In this design, the bride seems to be coming out from the train, as the grooms sits on a bench while reading some book. The bride wears a Brazilian soccer t-shirt in bright yellow with white pants, reflecting her foot. The groom wears a plain gray shorts and t-shirt with the book bag beside him.

US Coast Guard Deep Sea Diver and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers

US Coast Guard Deep Sea Diver and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers

In the US Coast Guard Deep Sea Diver and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers, the groom is obviously is coast guard deep sea diver wearing some wet suits with the scuba tank in silver with USCG label on it. The groom also wears the conventional Kirby Morgan diver helmet, while the bride wears a nurse hat and stethoscope in white wedding dress. She is a plumeria bouquet, while the other hand holds her groom’s hand.

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